Generosity of Others Enables War Veteran to Sleep In His Own Bed

Generosity of Others Enables War Veteran to Sleep In His Own Bed
Tom Hannah happily traveling upstairs to his bedroom!

Recently a 100% disabled 92-year-old Korean War Veteran, Tom Hannah, sought the assistance of a mobility provider to work with the VA to help him get a stair lift. They were trying to put in a curved stair lift but because of the stairwell bulkhead it was not approved. Country Home Elevator Sales Team member, Kyle Hooper of Tulsa, learned of the situation and called the mobility provider suggesting they use a straight stair lift after the landing. There were 2 steps Tom could manage with a handrail, however he did not have the strength to go the entire way up. Tom had fallen and because he could not make it up to the bedroom, he had no choice but to sleep downstairs in his garage. Kyle sent a picture of Tom standing underneath the stairwell bulkhead to the Oklahoma state inspector. As a result, Tom was granted a variance!

As it turns out, the VA agreed to pay for the stair lift but they did not approve payment for the installation. Kyle and his wife, who support a Veteran’s Program called Operation Once In a Lifetime, posted the story on their website. They raised the other half of the money in donations in 5 minutes to pay for the stair lift installation.

When Kyle and the CHE tech team went to do the install, Kyle told Tom’s wife Lois that the installation had been paid for by Operation Once In a Lifetime. Tom and Lois were deeply touched by everyone’s generosity. Kyle asked Tom if he could have a photo of himself in uniform and another riding on the stair lift which he posted on the organizations website and thanked them.

Today because of the generosity of others and the skill of Country Home Elevator, Korean War Veteran Tom Hannah no longer sleeps in the basement but has full access to the upper floor bedroom in his own home!

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